New Soundgarden song is good, but not great

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After reuniting in 2010, grunge stalwarts Soundgarden have been in the studios working on their first album since 1996’s Down on the Upside. The as-yet-untitled record drops sometime this year. But in the meanwhile, they give us a very close look at where they are going sonically, with this new song they’ve recorded for the OST of The Avengers.

“Live to Rise” is vintage Soundgarden. It’s almost as if nothing’s changed; as if they just got together and took off from where they left some 15 odd years ago. Kim Thayil, true to habit, shines with some killer guitar-playing. This guy, you have to admit, has made some of the greatest riffs in rock history. While Chris Cornell doesn’t hit any of his legengdary F5s and G5s, his vocals are top-notch in this medium-paced song.

Then just why am I saying this song is good, not great? Because to me, the spine of this song – the riff – sounds like a “Spoonman” outtake. No, I am not saying Thayil is ripping himself off. What I am saying is that the moment I heard “Live to Rise”, “Spoonman” came to mind.

Check it out for yourself here. And let me know what you think.


Stunning “Blackbird” cover

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This is one of the best cover versions of the Beatles’ “Blackbird” that I have come across. Why don’t you point me towards your favourite versions?

Deep Purple + Iron Maiden jam

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Holy mother of god! I never knew this existed. This is Deep Purple and Iron Maiden jamming together on “Smoke on the Water”. Check it out.